What is a Starter Tenancy?

What is a Starter Tenancy?

We give all new tenants a trial period to show they can keep to the Tenancy Agreement. This trial period is called a Starter Tenancy.

The trial period will last for 12 months (or longer, up to a maximum of another 6 months, if we identify issues). This allows us to monitor behaviours and rental payments during this period.

As a Starter tenant, you get the same level of service as an Assured tenant. For example, if you are a victim of someone else’s bad behaviour during your trial period, we will give you the same help as an Assured tenant.

As a new tenant you must sign an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (Starter Tenancy) before you move into your home.

What are my rights as a Starter tenant?

As a Starter tenant, you do not have the right to:

  • acquire your home
  • take in lodgers
  • sublet part of your home
  • improve your home
  • exchange it with another tenant.

Becoming an Assured tenant

If there are no problems during your Starter tenancy, we will send you a conversion notice. This converts your tenancy to an Assured non-shorthold tenancy. This will give you the same rights as an Assured Tenant. See more information later in this section.

We hope your Starter tenancy period is problem free and we will always try to help if you have any problems, but we will act quickly if you break your Tenancy Agreement. We will always investigate first to see if we can sort things out but if the problem is serious, or if you will not co-operate with our efforts to find solutions, we will take legal action to evict you straight away.