What facilities are there on sheltered schemes?

What facilities are there on sheltered schemes?


We provide laundry equipment on our main 8 sheltered schemes.

There is a charge for use of the machines of £1.40 per washing cycle per load and £1.00 per tumble dryer per load.

Please bear in mind that Independent Living Officers do not keep or supply change for these machines as they are supplied by external contractors.

Motor Scooter Facilities

There are storage facilities for motor scooters at Clapham Court, Badger Vale Court, Broom House, Nightingale House and Halford House.

Please ask your Independent Living Officer for permission if you would like to have a motor scooter. Scooter space is allocated on a first come first serve basis. Scooters stored on our sheltered schemes must be insured to include public liability cover.

If you are considering moving into sheltered housing with a motor scooter, please discuss with your Housing Officer before you sign up to the property. They will be able to check availability at the scheme.

There is zero tolerance for motor Scooters to be stored in communal hallways and corridors due to fire saftey regulations.

If you currently have a scooter stored within the scooter store please ensure your Independent Living Officer has a copy of the insurance.


All sheltered housing properties are fitted with suited locks.

This will enable the Independent Living Officer/emergency services to enter your property if there is an emergency. We will not use the suited lock key unless you have agreed in writing for us to do so, with exception of a gas leak, fire or flood

All of our schemes have CCTV which is only used when a security issue has arisen. Cameras are placed in communal areas and external areas only.

Fire Alarms

All Independent Living Schemes are fitted with an integrated hard wired fire alarm system. This is linked to all properties via a smoke detector.

24hr Emergency Service

We operate a 24 hour out of hour’s service for repairs and emergencies.

Emergencies out of hours can be reported to Hereford Careline on 01432 384100 and our emergency repairs line is 01452 424344.

Lifelink Alarm Service

The Lifelink Alarm Service is an assistive technology telecare alarm service for elderly and vulnerable residents of Gloucestershire.

Lifelink supplies, installs and maintains alarms which customers can use to request assistance in an emergency. This is a chargeable service, find more information here.