Twelve Tips of Christmas

Twelve Tips of Christmas

Twelve Tips of Christmas

Here are our top tips for saving money at Christmas…

‘Spend time not money’

Your love and time really are the best gifts you can give. Think about cheaper ways to entertain the family to gain quality time together and to save money.

Doorstep Lender Alternatives

Avoid using doorstep lenders, there are plenty of alternatives to consider.

Credit Unions can be a good alternative source of credit for people with lower credit scores. These are local organisations which offer affordable loans to their members, and their interest rates are legally capped at 42.6% APR.

If you currently claim benefits, you may be eligible for a government Emergency Budgeting Loan. These are loans offered to struggling households to meet essential costs, and are repaid through small deductions to your benefits over a number of months. They are interest-free.

Prioritise your rent payments over the festive period

If you are struggling and need help and support please contact your Income Officer or our friendly Tenancy Sustainment Officers.

Cups of coffee

Do You Need that cup of Coffee?

The average British person will drink 676 cups of coffee a year, according to a new survey. The poll claims that they buy three drinks from a cafe or coffee shop each week on average and drink 10 cups of instant coffee. This amounts to a total of £303 spent on coffee each year!

Drive past twinkly streets after dark

Why not take a look around local Christmas lights? This is a great free and festive activity for all of the family to enjoy.

Set up a savings scheme for the new Year

Gloucestershire Credit Union logo

Flexible ways of saving allow for unexpected expenses – Gloucestershire Credit Union is a safe, local place to keep your money.

Reasons why saving with Gloucestershire Credit Union:

  • You can save what you want, when you want with a flexible savings’ account.
  • Online banking means that you can check your balance, make payments and manage your account at a time that suits you.
  • With a savings account, you become a member and will have a share of the credit union’s profit (called a dividend) plus a say in how the organisation is run.
  • Once you’ve saved for at least 13 weeks, you can get a better rate of interest if you apply for one of their loans.
  • Gloucestershire Credit Union is run by local people for local people, and by saving with them you’re not only helping yourself but also helping local communities. They are dedicated to helping those who live and/or work in the county.
  • Gloucestershire Credit Union offers a responsible, reliable financial alternative to the high street banks and other companies. Your savings are protected by the Financial Services’ Compensation Scheme and they are authorised by the Prudential Regulatory Authority (part of the Bank of England) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulatory Authority.

Becoming a member is simple! Visit the website for more information and open a savings account which costs £5 admin fee and a minimum of £5 deposit into your new account and you’re in!

Bust boredom by making your own Christmas decorations and cookies

Home crafts can provide hours of fun…

Make paper chains in jolly colours (pound shops often sell kits to make it a little easier). Alternatively, cut out snowflakes, create tree toppers out of loo roll tubes or cut up old Christmas cards to make ‘baubles’. It all adds character, and Pinterest is full of crafty ideas.

Gingerbread House

Build a Gingerbread house

Kids will enjoy building a gingerbread house together, then covering it in marshmallows and dolly mixtures. You can do it from scratch by following a recipe online, or Morrisons has a kit for £4. Alternatively, just grab some cheap digestives and icing sugar, then do your own thing.

Wrap up for a winter forest walk

Make it a Christmas tradition to wrap up and head off for a winter walk in the woods. Pick up handfuls of fir cones to paint, then deck the house out with them.

Cashback sites

Sign up for free and then if you click through onto a website and buy something you will get cash back. Never let the cashback offer dictate where you spend though, always focus on the cheapest deal, then see if cashback’s available. Full explanation in Top Cashback Sites.

Picture of Santa's sleigh silhouetted against moon

Spot Santa’s sleigh whizz through the stars

On Christmas eve you can track santa online, visit This free service can provide hours of entertainment.

Be a smart shopper and look for discounts and offers

This time of year we buy presents for our loved ones, make sure to shop around both online and on the high street to make sure you are getting the best price.

Rent First

Rent First logo

Rent is important, as the rent payments we receive fund the vital services we deliver to our customers, including repairs, home improvements and support for your communities. This is why it’s so important that your rent is paid regularly and on time and that it is the first payment you make when budgeting your money and paying your bills.