Support for Victims of ASB

The Anti-Social Behaviour Service

Gloucester City Homes’ Anti-Social Behaviour Team is set up to tackle all high level anti-social behaviour (ASB) concerning Gloucester City Homes tenants, whether they are the victims or perpetrators.

High level ASB includes drug use/drug dealing, violence, threats and intimidation, regular noise nuisance such as loud music or banging, arguments, domestic abuse and verbal abuse. All low level ASB is managed by the Housing Officers.

The ASB Team will support victims and perpetrators to resolve the issues in partnership with other agencies, such as the Police, Change Grow Live (CGL), social services, mental health services, Victim Support and Green Square’s Housing Support Service.

We will also use a range of holistic approaches to resolve issues such as Undertakings, Acceptable Behaviour Contracts and Good Neighbour agreements. We can also help to facilitate mediation and Restorative Justice through our partners at Restorative Gloucestershire. Many issues can be resolved by talking through issues and we encourage all residents to consider mediation and/or Restorative Justice when resolving issues.

Noise Complaints

The Noise App

In cases of regular noise nuisance, we will ask residents to download The Noise App, which is available on Android & iPhones, to record noise nuisance and send the recordings directly to the ASB team. For guidance on how to set up the app, click here.

In isolated cases, where legal enforcement action is required, Gloucester City Homes can apply for Injunction Orders to protect residents and staff. We will support any residents who provide a statement and give evidence in court through the process from start to finish.

In extreme cases we can take action to end a tenancy. This is always a last resort and will only happen when all else has failed, or what has happened is so serious we have no alternative.

Report ASB online and we will risk assess your report and contact you for further details.

We support the Safer Gloucester Partnership to tackle anti-social behaviour across the city.

We are a part of the Gloucestershire Tenancy Fraud Forum who tackle tenancy fraud, make a report today.