Managing Your Tenancy

For issues or questions relating to your tenancy, please contact your Housing Officer

Your guide to a successful tenancy – 10 step guide

The below steps will help you get the most out of living in your home. The guidance it offers should be read alongside your tenancy agreement. Depending on the length of your tenancy, you will be one of:

  • Starter tenant (those who have been tenants for less than a year)
  • Assured tenant (those who have been tenants for more than a year after April 2015)
  • Enhanced Assured tenant (those who have been tenants since before April 2015)

You can download copies of our tenancy agreements at the bottom of this page.

Whether you’ve just moved in, or you’ve lived in your home for years, we hope you take a few moments to read through this information.

Step 1 – Be a good neighbour

We’ve all got our own ideas about what it means to be a good neighbour. Some tenants are close friends with the people they live next door to; others are polite but prefer not to get involved.

If you respect the people who live around you and try not to do anything to upset them, you should get on well. The secret to being a good neighbour is to understand that everyone is different.

If you’ve just moved in to your new home or a new neighbour has moved in next door, why not introduce yourself and say hello?

Step 2 – Stick to the rules

Your tenancy agreement is a legal document that describes your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Read through it to make sure you understand what’s expected of you and what you can expect from us as your landlord. If you have any questions please contact us.

Breaking the terms of your tenancy agreement could result in your losing your home, so it is important to keep a copy of your agreement.

Step 3 – Get involved in your community

Working with your neighbours to improve your local area is a great way to make friends, strengthen community spirit and create pride in your neighbourhood.

To find out how to get involved, please contact us.

Step 4 – Look after your home

Keep your home in good condition. Decorate the rooms and carry out any repairs that are your responsibility (your tenancy agreement these).

If you are thinking about altering or improving your home, talk to us first.

Step 5 – Pay on time

The rent you pay is used by GCH to manage, repair and maintain your home and estate. In return we expect you to pay your rent on time.

Rent is payable weekly, fortnightly or monthly over a 48 week period.

If you are having money problems and are likely to fall behind on your rent payments, please get in touch straight away. Find out more information here.

Step 6 – Don’t miss an appointment

Make sure you’re at home for any appointments made by Gloucester City Homes. If you do not provide access when needed, you will be at risk of losing your tenancy.

If you are not available for an appointment booked by GCH, please contact us to re-arrange a suitable time.

Annually, you will be required to give access to your home for a home safety check, whether you have gas or not. This is a legal requirement, and should you not allow access, appropriate legal action will be taken. We charge £20 for each missed appointments because this is so important.

Step 7 – Recycle as much as you can

Removing bulky items and cleaning up bin stores across the city is a major issue. Please ensure that you recycle correctly by placing plastic and glass into the green recycling boxes, food in the food waste caddy and general household rubbish in the bin.

GCH will recharge tenants if fly tipping is found outside a property or in a communal area.

If you would like to discuss recycling issues please contact Gloucester City Council on 01452 396396.

Step 8 – Keep your garden tidy

Not everyone enjoys gardening, but if you do have a garden you must keep it tidy. Trim the hedges and shrubs mow your lawns and keep any outside space clear of litter and bulky items.

Step 9 – Look after your pets

You should only keep animals that are suitable as domestic pets. If you do have pet, make sure you look after it properly. If you do own a dog, don’t leave it on its own for a long time or let it become a nuisance by constantly barking. Make sure you clean up after your pets, or GCH may revoke permission for you to keep it.

Step 10 – Don’t be anti-social

Together you and GCH share a responsibility for making your house and neighbourhood somewhere you’re proud to call home. Do your bit by treating the people living in your area equally and fairly and valuing the ways in which they are different from you.

Anti-social behaviour is something that none of us want to experience. It is upsetting and disturbing. GCH has a dedicated Anti-Social Behaviour team who can offer advice and support in tackling ASB in your home and neighbourhood.

For questions relating to your tenancy, try entering them into the search bar at the top of this website.