Fire Safety Advice

Please take your time to read this important fire safety advice to ensure that your home is safe and you know the actions to take in the event of a fire in your home;

Fire Safety – Top Tips

  1. Always try to smoke outside. Smoking in indoor communal areas is against the law
  2. Never leave cooking unattended or leave anything on top of your cooker
  3. Take care of loose clothing when cooking or near heaters
  4. Keep your exit routes and main walkways clear
  5. Keep all communal areas clear from obstructions such as bikes, prams,  furniture or rubbish
  6. Communal doors and fire doors must remain closed and cannot be left open
  7. Do not use chip pans, use a deep fat fryer
  8. Extinguish candles safely before going to bed and use appropriate holders.
  9. Keep all heating sources clear of clutter and take care near heaters
  10. Close your bedroom door whilst sleeping to prevent a fire spreading
  11. Never leave items on charge overnight or for lengthy periods
  12. Use of plug-in air fresheners is not recommended
  13. Do not use barbeques on balconies

Further information can be found in our Tenant Fire Safety and Prevention Policy

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We work in partnership with Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service, if you would like a free Home Fire Safety Check visit or call 01452 888777