Lifelink Telecare Alarm Service

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What is Lifelink?

Gloucester City Homes provides a telecare alarm service to anyone, of any age, who would like to feel safer, more protected and independent in their own home. Lifelink gives peace of mind to you and your family and friends.

Lifelink is linked to your telephone line. You make an alarm call by pressing the red button on your pendant around your neck or wrist, from anywhere in your home. This enables you to contact the control centre in an emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when you can’t reach your telephone.

What happens when the pendant is pressed

When you push the button on the pendant a call for help is raised wherever you are in your home or garden. You do not have to get to your phone, or remember numbers. Lifelink can talk to you directly to reassure you, and get the help you need.


Watch our video to see if the Lifelink Service could help you

How much does the Lifelink Telecare Service cost?

The current charge for the Lifelink Telecare Service is £3.45 per week.

That’s less than 50p a day!

Price Comparison

Compare the price of peace of mind for you, family & friends with the items in your weekly shop –

160 Tea Bags £3.00 Chip shop fish & chips £6.50
Medium jar of coffee £2.40 200g Bar of chocolate £1.80
Loaf of bread £1.10 Pint of beer £3.50
4 Rolls of toilet tissue £2.00 20 Cigarettes £8.00

Have you recently had a fall or have a history of falling?

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I have just had the Lifelink service installed in my Uncle's house in Quedgeley, I just wanted to let you know that it has all been a very positive experience and my Uncle was treated very kindly by the Lifelink Officer who was patient and caring. Please pass on my thanks to him as the whole thing was carried out quickly efficiently and professionally. I would have absolutely no problem with recommending this service to anyone.
P Hunt
Lee Ashmore
Lifelink Telecare Service Manager

Lee has led the Lifelink Telecare Team since 2011 and holds a professional qualification in assisted technology. Lee is also responsible for the management of GCH’s homeless services.

Martin Lewis
Lifelink Telecare Alarms Officer

Martin is the Lifelink Service’s longest serving member of staff. Dedicated to providing a high quality, reactive service Martin strives to ensure that all of our customers needs are met.

Kevin Ireland
Lifelink Telecare Alarms Officer

After a long career as a Police Officer, Kevin now ensures that he gives our Lifelink customers the same level of service and satisfaction that he did with the Police.


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