Summer Sun – Don’t Put Your Rent Payments in the Shade

Summer Sun – Don’t Put Your Rent Payments in the Shade

Summer Sun – Don’t Put Your Rent Payments in the Shade

August Rent First Theme - Summer

It’s important to remember that rent doesn’t stop during the summer holidays and that payments need to continue even if you are away on holiday. Make sure you plan for this.

During August our income team will be out and about across Gloucester offering information, help, advice and guidance on rent accounts, welfare benefits, budgeting and much more – so look out for the bus and come and have a chat.

If you would like assistance with managing your payments, maximising your income or benefits get in touch with our friendly Tenancy Sustainment Team.

Our Top Tips for the School Holidays

  • Remember that summer activities don’t have to cost lots of money look around for fun free events going on. This month there are free events at…

Kingsholm Community Event – Thursday 1st August 2 – 5pm at the green space next to Clapham Court

Echoes Summer Fayre – Sunday 4th August 11am – 3pm at Coney Hill Park

Barton and Tredworth Cultural Fayre – Saturday 17th August 12pm –  at St James Park

Last Blast Festival – Saturday 24th August 11am – 3pm at The Green Space by the Three Oaks Pub

And don’t forget that Beat the Street continues until 7th August with double points for the last week!

  • Often children enjoy the simple activities – get creative and spend some time with your friends and family. There are plenty of ideas you can find online. You can visit places like Robinswood Hill or Gloucester Cathedral for free.
  • Remember to be organised before going out for the day – pack a picnic or head out with bottles of water to avoid expense.
  • When preparing meals that can be frozen, double up ingredients and freeze in portions. Not only will you make it go further you will be able to manage portion control.
  • Buying frozen staple foods such as chilli, garlic and onion costs less and saves waste.
  • Start planning ‘Back to School’ now and put money aside for uniform and school items. A lot of supermarkets sell good value uniform items.
  • Sun cream is a must when out in the sun but don’t think the big brands are the best – supermarkets and discount shops often have highly rated sun cream which sometimes provide better protection than the expensive ones. Just check the ratings on the bottles.
  • Only buy what you need – sometimes we end up buying more if items are on offer, always consider if that extra item is needed.
  • Online shopping is great for getting the best deal on many items.

Are you struggling to make ends meet?

Please contact us straight away if you have money problems. Once we know that there is an issue we can often help by checking that you are receiving all of the correct benefits, working out the best way of paying your rent and putting you in contact with our partners who are able to provide a range of help.

Rent is important, as the rent payments we receive fund the vital services we deliver to our customers, including repairs, home improvements and support for your communities. This is why it’s so important that your rent is paid regularly and on time and that it is the first payment you make when budgeting your money and paying your bills.