Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring Clean Your Finances

Take 10 minutes to create an budget using our online budget calculator.

Our budget calculator is free for all tenants to use, once you have completed your information press ‘send to Advisor’ and one of our Tenancy Sustainment Officers will look at your information to see how you could be better off.

If you would prefer to complete your budget with one of our friendly advisors just get in touch. 

Need Help to Get Online?

All Universal Credit claims must be made online. If you need help or want to improve your online skills we hold weekly drop ins, just pop along.

Matson Library – Mondays 2.30- 4.30pm

Are you struggling to make ends meet?

Please contact us straight away if you have money problems. Once we know that there is an issue we can often help by checking that you are receiving all of the correct benefits, working out the best way of paying your rent and putting you in contact with our partners who are able to provide a range of help.

Rent First

Rent is important, as the rent payments we receive fund the vital services we deliver to our customers, including repairs, home improvements and support for your communities. This is why it’s so important that your rent is paid regularly and on time and that it is the first payment you make when budgeting your money and paying your bills.