Stay Safe During the Cold Weather

We are advising all residents to take care during cold and snowy conditions. Our team have gritted all communal areas in sheltered schemes and we have secured extra resources to ensure we can deal with any emergency situations. If you need to report any issues please call us on 01452 424344.

Gloucestershire Constabulary advise to not travel unless it is necessary and if so to check the road closures here. Stay up to date with their latest advice on Facebook or Twitter.

Find advice on driving in the snow and ice here.

Top tips for keeping warm:

Wear layers – two or three thin layers keep you warmer than one thick layer.

Hot water bottles – snuggling up to a hottie helps keep chills at bay!

Hot drinks – we all love our cups of tea and sharing a cup of tea with an elderly or housebound neighbour is a good way to check up on them and make sure they are okay.

Cold weather can trigger symptoms of asthma – keep drugs and inhalers handy.

Block out draughts by keeping curtains drawn and doors shut – also move any furniture away from radiators.

Keep moving around the house.  Sitting still makes you cold.

Set your heating to 18–21°C

If you are experiencing problems with your boiler:

If your boiler has stopped working in the cold weather it could be that your condensate pipe is frozen, if so, pour boiling water from your kettle over the white Condensate Pipe, if it is accessible. This will defrost any ice that is blocking the pipe. If you don’t have access to your condensate pipe or defrosting the pipe does not resolve this issue, please contact Customer Services on 01452 424344.