Keep Your Home Warm During Cold Weather

During the cold weather it is important to keep warm. Here are our top tips for keeping warm in your home;

  • Keep yourself warm – wear extra layers, eat hot food and drinks, and keep active.
  • Block draughts from windows, external and internal doors, skirting, loft hatches, and pipes or cables passing through walls.
  • Let sunlight in through windows during the day and draw the curtains at dusk.
  • Close internal doors to unheated rooms.
  • Set your heating to 18–21°C to keep your bills low, and to come on earlier and go off later rather than turning the thermostat up.
  • Do not to block trickle or ventilation grilles and air bricks.
  • Move any furniture away from radiators
  • Clear out any gutters and drains that may contribute to making walls damp and cold.