Health and Safety Information Following the Grenfell Tower Event

We were deeply shocked and saddened to see the tragic events unfold at Grenfell Tower on the 14th June 2017. Our thoughts and condolences go to all the families affected.

To re-assure our tenants, we would advise you that  we  own and manage just one high-rise block of properties, Clapham Court in Kingsholm. GCH has made a number of improvements to the block to improve its fire safety including:

  • Making every home decent to the Governments national decent home standard
  • Upgrading the electrical systems to the block and all properties within it
  • Installing a sprinkler system in 2015 which is a significant investment to protect the lives in the event of a fire
  • Installing fire retardant doors in all communal areas
  • Installing Gerda boxes to assist the emergency services in the event of fire which contains key details about the property
  • Undertaking a variety of regular fire checks and risk assessments with professional advisors and the Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service

In relation to external wall insulation or cladding used on other GCH properties, this is different to the one that was used to over clad the Grenfell Tower block.  The cladding used in London is “pre-finished’ i.e. manufactured off site and then fitted on to a grid, whereas the system we have used is fitted directly onto the fabric of the building by screws that are drilled and fixed directly in to the brick/block.

This insulation is highly fire retardant and is designed to restrict the distance fire travels across the external surface of the building.

If you have any further concerns about your property or you see rubbish in communal areas , please contact us on or call us on  01452 424344 and we will be happy to help.

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We work in partnership with Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service, if you would like a free Home Fire Safety Check visit or call 01452 888777