GCH Tenants Delivered Value for Money

Gloucester City Homes (GCH) tenants are paying one of the cheapest rents in the Country for their homes each month, paying an average cost of £79.59 per week.

With rents decreasing since April 2016 and being lowered year on year until 2020, GCH’s rents are within the cheapest 12% in the country, against comparable housing providers also ranking an impressive second within the South West (1).

Rob Wharton, GCH’s Director of Resources adds “To rank as one of the best value for money housing associations is a great achievement for a relatively new housing association. We are proud that 77pence from each £1 of tenants rent is spent on tenant services and building new homes.”

He went on to say “Since becoming a housing association we have focused on delivering new, high quality homes and in 2016/17 we delivered 33 new homes at a cost of £4.5 million.”

Despite this achievement, the GCH board are determined to improve value for money and to reduce costs over the next five years, as well as maintaining the services valued by tenants.

  1. Housemark 2017 data