GCH is supporting Tenancy Fraud Awareness Week

We are proud to be supporting Tenancy Fraud Awareness Week, taking place 12th - 16th November.

Gloucester City Homes (GCH) alongside the Gloucestershire Tenancy Fraud Forum, which is working to make sure that social housing is given to the people who genuinely need it, want to remind you of the importance of reporting any suspected Tenancy Fraud.

What is Tenancy Fraud?

Tenancy Fraud is illegal and unfair, because it means there’s fewer homes for people who need them and have been waiting for them. There are lots of different kinds of tenancy fraud, including:

  • Subletting
  • Abandonment of property
  • Obtaining Housing by Deception
  • Wrongly claimed succession
  • Key Selling
  • Right to Buy Fraud

Other Fraud

  • Where an unlawful or unauthorised assignment or exchange takes place e.g. it was authorised by us but you are aware that a payment was made in return.
  • Where the tenant is living elsewhere all the time but does not give up the tenancy they have with us.

Tenancy or benefit fraud?

If the person living in the house is not the tenant, they could also be committing tenancy fraud. If the person living in the house hasn’t declared everyone living there and their circumstances, they could be committing benefit fraud. Benefit fraud should be reported to your local benefit fraud team.

How do we deal with it?

Our Tenancy Services and ASB Teams work closely with external agencies and local partners to prevent and detect tenancy fraud.

How can you help?

If you suspect tenancy fraud, you can report it to us in confidence using the form below…….refer to the link on our website. Your information will be dealt with in confidence. If you provide your details, we can tackle the tenancy fraud by contacting you for further information where required and keep you updated with the result.  Be assured that we will not share the source of the information without your direct consent to do so and where no consent will anonymise the content so that it cannot be traced back to you.

How to Report Tenancy Fraud

If you suspect tenancy fraud or concerns of a GCH property please contact us on 01452 424344 or complete our form here or for other properties, members of the public can also make anonymous referrals to the CFU in relation to all Gloucestershire Authorities by phone on 01285 623400 or 01242 264215 and by emailing fraud.referrals@cotswold.gov.uk.