Do you have Home Contents Insurance?

We encourage all tenants take out home contents insurance. This can cover your home contents and personal belongings against fire, theft, flood, water damage and other household risks. This can also include protection for your carpets, decorations, clothing and furniture.

You can easily protect your belongings through our affordable scheme, underwritten by Allianz Plc. Premiums start from 78p per week if you are aged 60 and over (for a £6,000 sum insured) and £1.17 per week if you are aged under 60 (for a £9,000 sum insured). You can spread the cost over the year by paying it with your weekly rent payments and there is no excess if you make a claim.

Of course, you can also look for other insurance schemes, we encourage that you make sure any cover includes damage to fixed glass in windows and doors, and replacement for lost or stolen keys with installation of new locks.

To find out more about the Allianz insurance scheme visit, call us on 01452 424344 or fill out an application here.