Changes to Homeseeker Plus

Changes are coming to the way that properties are advertised on Homeseeker Plus. From the 4th September 2019 rather than properties that you can bid on being advertised weekly, they will now be able to be advertised any time throughout the week (Monday -Friday). You will also be able to set up property alerts to tell you when a provider has advertised a new property on to Homeskeeker Plus, giving you the best chance of seeing all of the properties that are on offer.

Another change that will be made is that properties which are available to let will be advertised on Homeseeker Plus for a minimum period. The minimum bid period for Homeseeker Plus will be 3 days, however, the default bid period will be 7 days. Each advert will clearly state when bids for that property must be received by. Bids should be received by 23:59 on the day that bids close. Bids cannot be accepted after this time. Properties that would close on a Friday or Saturday night will be extended to close on the Sunday night so that applicants have the entire weekend to place bids.

Applicants will only be able to have three “live” bids at one time. Once this limit is reached you will not be able to bid again until either a live bid is removed from another property or a property which you have a live bid on closes.

For applicants who may be unable to login to their accounts and bid for themselves, Homeseeker Plus are able to offer Auto Bidding. This system will automatically place bids on behalf of applicants based upon set criteria on their application and the property advert.

If you have any questions about these changes, please refer to the Homeseeker Plus website