Light up your rent account this November

Light up your rent account this November

Light up your rent account this November

All customer’s can make additional payments onto their rent account at any time in order to reduce arrears, put an account in credit or just to plan ahead for moving onto Universal Credit.We have many ways to pay your rent:

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  • Direct Debit (weekly, monthly, fortnightly, 4 weekly, all days/dates)
  • Payment by swipe card with cash, cheques or debit card ( At Post Offices or Paypoints throughout the country)
  • Pay by telephone via debit and credit card Call 01452 424344. We can set up a reoccurring card payment to take ongoing payments.
  • Pay online via MyGCH.
  • Housing Benefit direct to us as your landlord.
  • Paypoint find your closest PayPoint location Here  pay at any location with this logo:

Our Income Officers are trained and are available to provide you with advice and support about how to pay your rent or reduce your arrears. We are able to work with you to offer affordable payment plans which suit your budget by taking account of your income and expenditure in a bid to reduce the need for legal action.

It is important that you keep talking as while you are working with us we remain up to date with your circumstances and are able to provide the appropriate advice and support relating to your personal situation and account.

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Rent First

Rent is important, as the rent payments we receive fund the vital services we deliver to our customers, including repairs, home improvements and support for your communities. This is why it’s so important that your rent is paid regularly and on time and that it is the first payment you make when budgeting your money and paying your bills.