Transfer Homes


If you are already one of our tenants looking for a move to another property then you can apply for a mutual exchange via Homeswapper.

We also have a Facebook Group which you can join to promote any swaps.

Who provides Homeswapper?

We provide Homeswapper in partnership with Scout Solutions Limited. It is the largest community of social housing tenants wishing to swap their homes in the UK. The service is FREE. Please bear in mind that you will not be eligible for a swap if you are in rent arrears.

What is Homeswapper?

Homeswapper is a scheme to help you swap your home with another tenant. It is often a quicker way of moving than waiting to transfer to an empty home as it is a database of people who want to move home which you can search online. We can do this on your behalf if you register through us.

You can search (or we can search on your behalf) for someone in Gloucester or elsewhere in the country who lives in the type of home you want, in the area you want to move to and who wants to move to your type of home in the area that you live in.

There is no guarantee that you will find a tenant to swap with through this scheme. If you are flexible about the area(s) and type of home you want, you will have more chance of moving. Read the HomeSwapper Top 10 tips.

If you have found someone to exchange with, check out our handy moving home checklist