Changes when you contact us…

Changes when you contact us…

Changes when you contact us…

Improving services for you!

Listening to what you have told us, we are changing the way that we handle your calls, making it easier for you to directly access the services you need. In late November when you call us you will be able to choose from a list of options which will connect you to the relevant team.

To use our new telephone system, firstly you will need to tell us that you are a tenant and then you will be given a list of options. Listen to these carefully so that you get through to the right team straight away.

The options will be;

Press 1 for Rent

Press 2 for Repairs and Maintenance

Press 3 for Housing

When you email us, please contact the team you need…

Repairs –

Housing –

Rent –

Anti-Social Behaviour –

Independent Living –

Homeless Team –

Tenancy Sustainment –

Lifelink –

Leaseholders –

Our reception will also be opening at the later time of 9am on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Remember that we open at the later time of 11am on Wednesdays.