Beat The Street Returns

Beat The Street Returns

Beat The Street Returns

A fun, free game that will see Gloucester transformed into a giant game! See how far you can walk, cycle and run in just 6 weeks.

Play the game from 26 June – 7 August to win prizes for yourself or join a team to win team leaderboard prizes.
Every journey you make adds to your points total as well as your team and the whole of Gloucester.

How far can you go?

Want to find out more or set up a team? Email or set up a team online.

Earn as many points as possible for you and your team by walking, running or cycling between Beat Boxes across Gloucester 26 June – 7 August 2019.

Children aged under 11 play with a Beat the Street fob, which they will receive from their school. Anyone aged 12 and above plays with a Beat the Street card which can be picked up from local libraries and community venues.

For more information visit the Beat the Street website.