Tenant Promises

GCH's Eight Promises to Tenants

Promise 1: Repairing and maintaining your homes

We will provide a high quality repairs and maintenance service which is easily accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year delivered by the team you know and trust.

Promise 2: Improving your homes and neighbourhoods, protecting your environment

We will work hard to make sure homes are maintained to the Decent Homes Standard, and work with you to improve your neighbourhood. Through full consultation with a wide range of our tenants, we will ensure that tenants can have a say in the decisions on which improvements are needed and what needs to be done first.

Promise 3: Deliver excellent housing services by putting customers first

We will provide excellent housing services by listening to tenants and tailoring services to meet their needs.

Promise 4: Involving and empowering tenants

We will provide a wide range of support; training and development opportunities which will allow tenants to carry on influencing the way services are provided and monitored. We will make sure that you have the ability to engage and influence at a local level, making communities greater places for everyone to live and work together.

Promise 5: Supporting independent living for older and vulnerable residents

We will provide services which meet the needs of older and vulnerable tenants and residents in communities; provide targeted help and support to maintain independence and ensure that tenants have a real say in the way services are developed and delivered.

Promise 6: Delivering services which represent value for money, ensuring every penny counts

We will improve services by challenging everything we do, comparing ourselves with other top performing housing providers and being innovative in the way we deliver services.

Promise 7: Building more affordable homes and developing new services through business growth

We are committed to providing more affordable homes to meet the housing needs of current waiting list applicants and future generations. We will be able to build more affordable homes, in addition to those currently being built by other registered housing providers in the City.

Promise 8: Investing in you and your community

We will provide opportunities for tenants to access training and jobs through apprenticeships, volunteering and creating opportunities for developing skills and employment. This could be either directly with ourselves or through links with our contractors and partners. We will also work with communities to develop local community plans.