Our Teams and Services

Reception 3Contacting us and reporting issues
The first point of contact between tenants and GCH is the Customer Services Team. They provide a one-stop professional information and advice service to support all of your tenancy needs. They will direct you to our other teams only if they are unable to help you.

Repairing and Improving your home
In April 2017 we launched our in-house repairs service called PropertyCare. The decision to bring the service in-house was made in order to make greater savings and improve and expand our services.

The team undertakes work such as day to day repairs including emergency and routine work, and provide our annual Home Safety Checks, including gas safety checks and servicing of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. The team also prepare our new homes for new tenants.

Our Property Services Team ensures that your home is properly repaired and maintained. They work with a range of professional contractors to deliver high quality repairs and maintenance services.

Linnet Close

Looking after your home and neighbourhood
We have a dedicated team of Housing Officers who let homes and manage neighbourhoods to help ensure they are places where our tenants want to live. Housing Officers visit tenants and manage tenancy and management issues such as signing up new tenants, re-letting empty homes and giving permission to make improvements to your home. Other duties include maintaining and improving neighbourhoods, enforcing tenancy conditions and providing advice on tenancies.

Maintaining the appearance of your neighbourhood

Our Estate Services Team are always out and about in your local community, keeping it clean and tidy. The team clears bulky items, removes rubbish and graffiti, cuts back hedges, clears footpaths and can help elderly residents with gardening.

Dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour
Our Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Team tackles anti-social behaviour in our communities. The team works very closely with partners such as the Council and the Police, as well as GCH’s Tenancy Services and residents.

Paying your rent, payments and preventing debt
Our Income Management Team makes sure that you are paying your rent and other charges. They also help tenants who are struggling to keep up to date with payments and agree realistic payment plans. We will provide help and advice on a range of money related topics and provide support with debt management, money management and financial health checks.

Help for older, disabled and vulnerable people
We are proud to provide services which meet the needs of older and vulnerable residents across our communities. Our Independent Living Team is made up of dedicated staff, connecting our tenants and local residents with events and activities run in our wellbeing centres; also providing them with access to high quality housing related support.

Our Lifelink service provides a range of telecare and telehealth packages, including Lifelink alarms to support independence and peace of mind to our tenants, private tenants and home owners.

We also have a team who run our accomodation for those who find themselves homeless.

Owning your own home
Our Leasehold and Home Ownership Team provides services to tenants who wish to become  homeowners. Helping with Right to Buy and Right to Acquire applications, as well as
management services to leaseholders and shared owners.

Kingsholm Fun Day 2018Getting Involved
We champion the involvement of residents in our communities. This involves including tenants in our decision making processes, supporting tenant groups, arranging events and finding ways for GCH staff to be easily accessible.