Regeneration of Matson and Podsmead

In March 2017 we secured funding of £1.25m from the Governments newly established Estates Regeneration bid to create a master plan for the regeneration of the Matson and Podsmead estates.

Working with Matson and Podsmead residents, local agencies, Gloucester City Council and a range of partners, we will use the funding to develop proposals to progressively regenerate our two largest estates. This is with an ambition to provide a longer term offer of new homes, additional investment and designing places where people want to live, supporting a thriving community and improving the quality of life for residents.

Help Shape The Future of Matson and Podsmead LogoGloucester City Council, through its current City Plan has made the renewal of Matson and Podsmead one of its priorities. Working with us the first step of the process is to produce a plan for each area. The plan will identify the future layout of the neighbourhoods showing existing and proposed housing, streets, open spaces and public buildings. It is a detailed document that gives a long-range view to guide development over the next 15 – 20 years.

February Update

Read the January Community Engagement Report

Read the Study Visits report

The next newsletters will be delivered to all residents in the week commencing the 12th February.

Read the newsletters here:

Podsmead Newsletter 3

Matson Newsletter 3

The next events will take place:

Podsmead – Thursday 22nd February at a marquee on Scott Avenue Green. Drop in between 3.30pm – 6.30pm.

Matson –  Friday 23rd February at Matson Baptist Church. Drop in between 3.30pm – 6.30pm.

Weekly Drop-in Events

From 6th February we will be running weekly Regeneration Drop-In sessions. The drop in will be staffed by a member of the Regeneration team, so if you want to look at the illustrative plans in more detail and ask any questions please just come along and talk to us.

The sessions will take place:

Tuesdays at 11am – 2pm in the Hello Gloucester van,  parked on the green by the shops on Scott Avenue.

Tuesdays at 11am – 2pm at the Shape the Future Hub on Matson Parade.

Illustrative Plans

At our events on the 13th/14th January we showed you the illustrative plans for Matson and Podsmead. These plans take into account the feedback you have given us and there is still an opportunity for you to have your say. Please complete the survey here.

View annotated Podsmead plans here

View annotated Matson plans here


What is a Supplementary Planning Document?

Timeline Jan 18

A Supplementary Planning Document or SPD is a legal planning document that is developed through a wide consultation process for final agreement and adoption by a local planning authority. SPDs can be issue specific, e.g. renewable energy provision, or area specific, such as for Podsmead and Matson.

The regeneration masterplan SPD will be a formal planning document supporting Gloucester’s City Plan for new development between 2016 and 2031. The Local Plan sets out how the local planning process needs to guide the city’s programme of social, economic and environmental enhancement and neighbourhood renewal.

The SPD will provide a ‘blueprint’ for how Matson and Podsmead can continue to develop over the next 20 years or more. This is critical because of the city-wide renewal programme underway; it is vital that ‘ageing’ estates like Matson and Podsmead are improved and better integrated into our wonderful historic city, so that existing and future communities are much better served.

The SPD masterplans are being developed by GCH in consultation with the City Council. Once the draft masterplans are complete, the City Council will then take the lead in formally consulting withlocal people. The aim is for the City Council to adopt the final SPD by September 2018.

It is important that you take part in the current, informal consultation process because it is a real opportunity to shape your neighbourhood. This is the stage at which your views can have the biggest impact on what goes into the SPD for your neighbourhood.

Look at our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ for more information (updated 26th January 2018)

View your feedback from the regeneration consultation events

During the 4 events we held in August and September we asked tenants and residents for their ratings covering different aspects of living in the estates. Click on the below to see the results.

This information will inform the development of plans for the areas;

Podsmead Event Results

Matson Event Results

Keep up to date

Please join our Facebook Group called ‘Shaping the Future of Matson & Podsmead’ to keep up to date with the project and to have your say.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us on or call 01452 424344