Property Investment

In April 2017 we launched our in-house repairs service called PropertyCare. The decision to bring the service in-house was made in order to make greater savings and improve and expand our services. Our Property Services Team work to ensure that our homes are safe, well maintained and benefit from modern facilities. The team carries out reactive maintenance, a range of cyclical testing and programmes of investment aimed at upgrading the housing stock. Take a look at our Improvement and Development News 2018 Newsletter to see some of the work that we carried out last year.

Examples of work we are undertaking this year to upgrade our housing stock and improve residents homes include:

  • Completing a large programme of roofing work in Coney Hill to upgrade approximately 100 homes.
  • Upgrading a number of flat roofs on the Kingsholm estate.  This aims to make significant improvements to the insulation in the roof structures which will help minimise heat loss and making the properties more cost effective to heat.
  • Completing over 100 Kitchen and Bathroom upgrades to ensure that our homes remain decent.
  • Completing over 200 central heating upgrades which will ensure that our homes have a modern and cost effective form of heating.
  • Completing loft & cavity insulation to minimise heat loss and help to make our homes more affordable to heat
  • Upgrading door and windows across our housing stock.
  • Completing a range of environment improvements aimed at making our estates more desirable places to live
  • Upgrading the communal areas of our sheltered schemes