Completed New Homes

We have been delivering a range of new properties since April 2015. Here is what we have completed so far:

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  • 4 bungalows at Painswick Road (for shared ownership)
  • 3 houses and 3 bungalows at Bazeley Road, Matson (for rent)
  • 3 houses and 2 flats at St Peters Road, Matson (for rent)
  • 7 houses and 2 bungalows Kemble Road, Tuffley (for shared ownership)
  • 1 house and 8 bungalows at Norman Thomas Walk, off Hawthorn Avenue (for rent)
  • 3 bungalows at Badminton Road, Matson (for rent to buy)
  • 3 two-bed houses at Amberley Road, Matson (for rent to buy)
  • 3 two-bed houses and 2 three-bed houses at Standish Gate, Standish (for rent and shared ownership)
  • 4 one-bed flats, 5 three-bed and 8 two-bed houses at Lassington Rise, Highnam (for rent)
  • 6 three-bed,6 two-bed houses and 2 one-bed houses at Bentham Green, Witcombe (for rent and shared ownership) – more coming soon
  • 6 one and two-bed flats, 1 3-bed bungalow and 2 two-bed houses at Matson Avenue/Winsley Road, Matson (for rent and rent to buy)
  • 2 two-bed flats, 1 two-bed house and 2 three-bed houses at Nupend Farm, Horsley (for rent and shared ownership)
  • 5 three-bed houses, 1 two-bed house, 1 two-bed bungalow and 1 one-bed bungalow at Downfield Lane, Twyning (for rent and shared ownership)
  • 12 two-bed flats at Taylors Yard, Cheltenham (for rent and shared ownership) – more coming soon
  • 12 two-bed flats and 3 one-bed flats at Garnalls Road, Matson (for rent)

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To apply for rental properties you will have to sign up via Homeseeker.

To register an interest in shared ownership (part rent, part buy) please call 0330 124 1285 or contact